Confronting Fear

Fear is a normal reaction but not a normal place to stay. Discover how to confront your fear and leave it behind. 

Finding Opportunities

We are all looking for the next best opportunity, but when it comes, will you be ready?  Discover God's wisdom for preparing for and seeking His opportunities. 

Dealing with Anxiety

In a complicated world, anxiety is common, but God has an antidote. 

Parenting Quick Shot

The biggest job needs the very best wisdom - and a very capable Helper. 

Looking for Direction

God cares about the life decisions you make and He offers guidance if we know where to look. 

Overcoming Hopelessness

We can't lose hope if we know where it can always be found. 

Growing in Faith

Living things grow and so does living faith; and it just takes a few simple ingredients. 

Understanding Anger

Anger is a God-given human emotion. Controlling it is a God-given ability.

Facing Rejection

When people turn away, we have a place to turn.

Combating Loneliness

Loneliness is a state you can choose to exit.