Life can be tough and everyone needs true Hope that can only be found in Jesus. We're inviting you to follow Him. Making this change in your life will bring you closer to God and give you the Hope you've been looking for.

What step will you take today?

1. Follow Jesus

2. Share the Hope you've found with others

3. Celebrate stories of Hope

Want to ask God to step into your story today? Talk to someone NOW.

The Bible doesn't have to be difficult to understand. World's Biggest Small Group online studies help guide you through the Bible making it easier to connect with Jesus on a deeper level. Start your journey today with one of these two studies. We can't wait to connect with you.

Teach Me to Share

Talking about your faith might feel intimidating. This simple tool is designed to teach you how to talk to others about Jesus. It makes the process of sharing your beliefs more conversational and personal.

Get Started

Sharing Jesus doesn't only mean sharing your testimony with other people. It is also living in community with other believers. Click the button below to connect with our online community and learn to share Jesus in your day-to-day life.

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Have you ever felt nervous about sharing your story with others, especially when it comes to talking about your faith?

It might seem intimidating, but just like facing any challenge, it’s worth it.

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